Monday, 8 December 2008

Sneak Attacks

I've just found out about the coolest thing which I'm so taken with, I decided to post about it. There's a big group of people who log on to and participate in 'Sneak Attacks'. Basically, everyone goes to a little-known, usually new etsy seller, one who hasn't had many sales yet and looks as though they are struggling to get started selling their crafts. Then, as many people as possible purchase something from their shop, meaning that the seller gets squillions of sales all in one go! What a confidence boost to new business owners!

Well that's my sharing for the day. How are all of you?

I was thinking of having a little sale as well. I've got one Christmas stocking left (tree design) who I'm hoping will be snapped up before Christmas. Anyway, it's now 25% cheaper at my etsy store, and may even have a free gift thrown in too. :)

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