Wednesday, 31 December 2008

New Year's Eve!

Hello everyone,

Firstly, did everyone have a great Christmas? I hope so. Mine was really nice - at home with my family for a few days and my boyf came along too, so it was really enjoyable. Here's a pic of my dog after the present-giving festivities had ended... you can see what his favourite present was!!

A huge thanks to all of you who left comments on my left blog post to help me think of new ideas for the 2009 peggycrafts range! My out and out winner, mostly due to sheer volume of ideas, is lovely TipTop! Ruth, please could you send me your address, and I will post out a little thank you to you! I particularly like the idea of pencil toppers - definitely going to get going on that one - and felty alphabet and animal characters too. Thanks everyone!
Well, I'd better get on with cleaning my flat now, ready for our New Year's guests this evening! Happy New Year everyone!!xx

Monday, 15 December 2008

Mrs. Snowflake and Competition Time!!

Look at Mrs. Snowflake on top of her tree :)

I've had some good news today - it's been confirmed that I will be going part-time in my day job after Christmas and

that means... that's right... lots of crafting!!!! I'm going to get super organised in January, and create a whole new range of products which I've been dreaming up.

To celebrate, I welcome any comments containing ideas for new characters to build into my new range. Already I have flowers (many of them), christmas characters, Mrs. Cloud, hearts... Any ideas received in my comments before Christmas will be entered into a little draw and I will send the winner a New Year's parcel of goodies...

Ideas on a comment, please!


Monday, 8 December 2008

Sneak Attacks

I've just found out about the coolest thing which I'm so taken with, I decided to post about it. There's a big group of people who log on to and participate in 'Sneak Attacks'. Basically, everyone goes to a little-known, usually new etsy seller, one who hasn't had many sales yet and looks as though they are struggling to get started selling their crafts. Then, as many people as possible purchase something from their shop, meaning that the seller gets squillions of sales all in one go! What a confidence boost to new business owners!

Well that's my sharing for the day. How are all of you?

I was thinking of having a little sale as well. I've got one Christmas stocking left (tree design) who I'm hoping will be snapped up before Christmas. Anyway, it's now 25% cheaper at my etsy store, and may even have a free gift thrown in too. :)

Thursday, 4 December 2008


It's very cold up here in the north these last few days... I'm at home with my fleece and scarf on and I'm enjoying the little bit of warmth given out by my laptop!

It's been another busy week, and Friday has come around really quickly. I've been out for coffee with my friends this evening, which was nice - we chatted about school and teaching (we're all teachers of one sort or another). Last night I was sliding about in my car going between lessons, and my favourite pupils gave me a bottle of wine to say thanks for their lessons so far - so that was very nice.

On the crafting front it's been a little quiet - the fair we were supposed to go to last weekend was cancelled unfortunately. I'm tootling along nicely with etsy and the website - and have an order from a work friend which I will complete over the weekend for some Mrs. Snowflakes!