Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Nice day

I've had a nice day today. :-) Work was good - we're really busy at the moment, but it was a productive day all round. It's been quite sunny here in Manchester too - so I think everyone was extra chirpy! Plus, I have started a new Jill Mansell book called 'Thinking of You' - I love her books as they're always so happy and you can really get to know the characters.

This evening I've been making some felty pressies for my friends at work - I'm going to give them to them tomorrow. :-) I love them! I have taken some pictures which I will put up soon, since I'm having computer troubles!

My mum and dad came over yesterday to visit and brought casper with them. It was really nice. He's getting a bit old and doesn't really know which paw is which so he has trouble with stairs, and since I live on the third floor this was a bit tricky! Luckily I enticed him with some light & tasty dog snacks.

Saturday, 26 April 2008


I'm really enjoying the weekend. Today I have been busy with some translations which is one of my part-time jobs. Documents are sent to me in other languages and I translate them into English and send them back. It's good and interesting, but this one was really hard! :-o so, I've decided to stop for today and do some crafty things instead.

I've finished my first sewing project and it's a ... needleholder! I'm very proud of it. I'll put up a picture soon.

Meanwhile I'm going to put a picture of my doggy.


Monday, 21 April 2008

Feeling crafty

To the right is a section of a picture which I did for my mum a few years ago. It's actually a little house which belongs to a lock-keeper in a small village in Berkshire.

I'm going to start uploading more pictures soon-promise! At the moment, I'm just trying to get very very organised. I've spent a long time doing research on crafty projects & chatting with all of my new found friends on the crafts forum and now I'm at the organising stage. I've been buying supplies, some off the internet from a lovely felt provider (so pretty!) , some from hobbycraft, and even B&Q!

The next stage is to get organised. This is actually quite good, as I like to tidy! I've been organising all my bits into storage, working out what I still need and already have. I've also been going through old boxes of things and throwing useless bits away, and saving pretty things which can be used again!

And soon I'm just going to start creating. Yey! :o)

Saturday, 19 April 2008


Hi everyone,

I've been fiddling with the layout and colour of my blog a bit this evening and I'm also going to have a go at adding some pics! Here's a nice one of some flowers we had in our flat recently.

I think it worked! :)

I had a very nice day of shopping / wandering round Manchester with my mum today. We had a good catch up and a giggle. This evening I've just been watching some tv and listening to my flatmates chattering ( I live with 4 others - all boys) so as you can imagine it gets a little noisy!

I've got a free day tomorrow so I'm going to sort out all my crafty supplies as they're beginning to take over the flat.

Happy sunday everyone! :-)

Friday, 18 April 2008

New blog

Hello folks

I've decided to swap blog host cos I was having trouble with my old one. I think it worked fine and everything, but I just couldn't get to grips with how it worked!

So I've just copied my old posts into this one and am starting again.

so hopefully now it will link to my website!

Helen xx

Meanwhile, I've been doing some online craft shopping this morning. I bought some felt from a lovely website called I'm very excited for it arriving. I've never really done much sewing but I'm going to have a go at making some small felty type things with beads too - like brooches, maybe. I was so overwhelmed at all the lovely colours to choose from, that I ordered a multipack containing all the colours! yey!
I have so many craft ideas at the moment that I seem to spend more time thinking than getting anything done! And then every time I look at someone else's site (which I find off I get a whole new set of ideas! If only I had a lot more time (and didn't have to go to proper work!)
I'm going shopping with my mum tomorrow in Manchester and I think we'll have a look at the craftcentre in the northern quarter. I also need to get some new jeans since I dropped a porcelain pen on my usual ones and there's a big blob of ink in an unfortunate place.
Hope you're all enjoying that friday feeling!! Better get back to work now hehe xx
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Enjoyable weekend

by peggyprints @ 2008-04-13 - 22:02:32
Well I've had a really nice weekend but now it's sunday night and back to work tomorrow.
Friday was a good day at work, we had a day-long meeting which was good as it was with my lovely friends from the office (us young ones!) we got everything done which we needed to, but also had a good laugh and chat too.D I love my work friends, and we do keep each other going when stress levels are high!!
Went to see 'Son of Rambow' on Friday too, it was really good, I'd definitely recommend it if you fancy something light-hearted and funny. And on Saturday, we went to the North-West fireworks championships courtesy of our friend Maddy who's an events organiser, which was also really good - the fireworks were great and we went on some rides too!
Also have made a new clock this week which I'm pleased with, I just need to finish it off and then I'll put it on etsy so please check back if you'd like to see.
Hope everybody had a nice weekend!!
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My new Etsy shop
by peggyprints @ 2008-04-06 - 10:31:41
I've just opened my new Etsy shop, which is on a site recommended to me by the lovely folks at the craft forum.
It's an American site which showcases all different types of handmade crafts and I think my things will look nice in there.
So far I've just put in one of my wall clocks. You can see it here...
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Saturday and website updates

by peggyprints @ 2008-04-05 - 16:36:36
Hi everyone
I've been busy making some updates to my website today, adding more pictures and the 'about me' section. Hope you get time to have a look. I went to buy some more art supplies this week, so I will be keeping myself busy doing some new paintings over the coming months.
We went out for tea last night, to a lovely pub called 'The Didsbury', which is in Didsbury (not suprisingly), in Manchester. I can highly recommend it - great food, and a lovely homely warm atmosphere with friendly staff. We each had a warm chocolate fondant pudding, it was sooo tasty, hmmmmmm
And also, my brother Mike has been promoted today!! He was made supervisor of the shop that he works in. Well done fee!!
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by peggyprints @ 2008-04-03 - 22:19:11
This is my second blog post and I don't really know what to write about...
Are you supposed to put hello at the beginning? I'll have to look at some other people's and see what they do.
Anyway, how are you all?
I've been busy updating my website this evening thanks to some helpful tips from my friends on the craft forum. There are so many talented people on there, yet everyone is willing to share tips and help others too.
It was my last day at work today until Monday and it was a pretty busy day. I've been helping out another team within my office all week and it's been really enjoyable, especially sitting opposite Nic who has been regaling me with pregnancy stories can't wait to meet our office's new arrivals!
Well hopefully I'll get lots of painting done over the weekend, I've a few things in mind which I'd like to get started on, so will post them as soon as they're ready.
Have a nice Friday everyone
Helen xx
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by peggyprints @ 2008-03-27 - 17:22:59
I've just set up my very own blog! I'm very excited!