Monday, 28 July 2008

Website working!!! :)

YEY! My website troubles are now long gone and is up and running! I have a LOT of work to do on it yet so you'll be seeing lots of 'under construction' signs in the next few months, but I have lots of plans for it and I'm really excited. Please keep checking back for developments!!

Had a nice day at work today, not too frantic and some of my friends had returned from their holidays so it was nice to catch up, although I was jealous of the suntans! I'm going to stay in and watch some tv tonight, and get on with some sewing- I have got a sewing to do list going on!

It's my bro's birthday tomorrow so we're all going out for a meal in chiquitos - really looking forward to it and have got him a super pressie!!

Thursday, 24 July 2008


I've been on the phone to a customer service department quite a lot recently and it's getting very frustrating!! This particular company's customer service dept is in Australia of all places, so I'm worrying about my phone bill... :-/ and I keep being told that I'm next in the queue, and that my call is important to them...but they just don't know the answers!! POO! I'm only trying to get them to do a simple would think it was rocket science??! :(

Anyhoo, onto chirpier things, we've got a new TV today! It's huuuuuuuuge! Rick did all of the setting up / shifting furniture around to make space for it, and when I came home from work it was all ready! Yey! Never before have I watched hollyoaks in such glorious technicolour!

Had a good day at work today, nothing too exciting happened but just a nice pleasant day. Plus, the weather is LOVELY here so I enjoyed my early morning walk to the bus stop!!

And finally I had a slip from the postman today telling me there's a parcel for me at the post office - how exciting - I have no idea what it will be. I'm going to collect it tomorrow - fingers crossed it's something nice and not dull like a gigantic bill!

Saturday, 19 July 2008

Nice weekend

I've had a really nice chilled out day today with some sewing, some housework-type jobs and a bit of a lie-in. :) Unfortunately Rick is not too well but he's on the mend now and is even managing to drink a milkshake! Had a really fun evening last night with some friends playing monopoly - it got a bit insane after a while as we all wanted to win (of course this had nothing to do with all of the wine we were drinking teeheehee)

I've been brainstorming this evening on how to develop my ever-growing family of Mrs. Flowers, and I've had some good ideas as to what I'll do next. The latest Mrs. Flower wants to say hello...

Monday, 14 July 2008

Many things going on

It's been an insanely busy day at work today, so I'm going to chill out this evening with a well deserved pair of pink slippers and the TV! Also going to do some sewing :) and catch up on some jobs in the flat!

Saturday, 12 July 2008

I'm back!

Hi everyone!

It's been a while since my last post - I've been away on holiday for three weeks and since I came back last week I've been back to work already and trying to make our new house look presentable and pretty!!

Our holiday was absolutely amazing, the weather was wonderful and the theme parks were fab. NY is a crazy city, so much going on and so much to look at, we were totally overwhelmed but in a good way. I am glad to be back now, there's nothing like a holiday to revitalise and inspire you!

I'm planning all kinds of exciting things for PeggyCrafts. My website is still under construction and will be launched in the autumn, so meanwhile I'm going to get busy creating. I had so many ideas whilst I was away, mostly inspired by things I spotted in Disneyworld or NY - I just hope I don't forget them all (must remember to start carrying a notebook around with me!) So, pics will be following shortly.

I'm off to see Hancock (?) at the cinema this evening which should be good, and our friend's mum who is coming along is a real-life TV star!! I'm very excited - don't think I've ever met a celebrity before!!