Sunday, 25 April 2010

Seeing spots

This weekend's peggycrafts activity has mostly been centred on spots and dots... (spotty buttons available on my website)

I also had a little experiment with a button / sequin combo which I'm quite pleased with... (it was a bit dark when I took this picture)

As well as trying to tidy up my piles of felt and sewing things which have been slowly taking over the living room!

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

New jewellery bags

Just popping by to post a picture of the new sequinned jewellery bags I've added to my website this evening.

I love the gentle colours of this one. I only realised after it all came together, that it would be lovely for holding wedding jewellery or for giving small presents to lovely bridesmaids.

I also received some exciting news today, but unfortunately I can't share this with you just yet! As soon as I know a bit more, I'll post news and pictures.

Bye for now,


Saturday, 17 April 2010

A week of sewing and planting

This week I've been spending some time outside while the sun's shining, planting up some summery looking plants!
This is the first time we've had a place with an outside patio, so I'm really enjoying learning about the different plants, how to care for them, where to put them etc. I hope we get a lovely long summer so I can sit outside and enjoy them!

Indoors, I've spent a fair bit of time sewing orders for jewellery bags. I've had a large wholesale order for them and a few smaller orders as well. It must be all those talented jewellery makers out there, wanting some pretty soft packaging for their creations!

Below: my sewing kit (don't you love my pretty tape measure :) )

Bye for now!x

Monday, 5 April 2010


I've been tinkering with my website this afternoon, just improving the look of the home page and adding a few pictures here and there.

It's been a nice relaxing Easter in our household, with lots of choccy being eaten! I've used the four days off work to relax a bit and catch up on some jobs here and there.