Wednesday, 28 May 2008


I've renamed my website this week to better reflect the things I actually make. I've always loved painting, since I was a wee tot, but I have found recently that I get far more pleasure and enjoyment from sewing and textiles. I think the main reason for this is because I can make actually useful things, as well as decorative things - which is great. Whilst I'll always enjoy painting, I do find that it is a lot more work and frankly we have no wall space left. I love working with felt and other textiles and I'm going to love creating textile pieces for other people too.

Anyhoo, things are going well chez peggycrafts. Have been ridiculously busy at work this week again - sooo many students coming to our university next year. But, happily, it's all interesting stuff, and I enjoy the interaction with the students, especially as they come from many far-flung places across the globe, which makes for a very varied day.

Only 3 weeks and 3 days until our holiday now!! Wooooooo!

Had a good catch up with my friend Bethie yesterday who mentioned that she's been reading my blog - Helloooo Bethie!! :-)

Going to fiddle about with my website for a bit now. I'll blog again soon and revamped website is on its way. hoorah!

Sunday, 25 May 2008

Loooong weekend

I'm really enjoying the long weekend - it's so nice to be a sunday night without that 'going back to work' feeling! As much as I enjoy my job, it is nice to have a rest for an extra day.

I haven't been doing much crafting this past few days but hopefully will get the chance to do plenty tomorrow. Today I have been tidying and sorting through many cupboards and drawers ready to move flats in a few weeks. We also went to have a look at a new TV - the one we've chosen is huuuuge so we really want to get a nintendo Wii now - they look so much fun! :-)

My next crafty project is to make a holder for my phone. I have sort of started it already but it needs some more work... will post a pic when finished!

Hope you all have a nice bank holiday, will post pics soon.


Sunday, 18 May 2008

New arrivals

It's been a very busy week and dotted amongst the mayhem there have been quite a few new arrivals!
The most exciting was our friend from work who has had a baby girl. We're all really pleased for her and very excited to meet the little one soon! I've made her a little card which you can see here...

Also, my funky little happy tree arrived this week too!! It's going to hang in my car when I next go out for a drive but for the moment happy tree is busy posing for photos...

Awesome! Thank you to Sarah for my happy tree which came in a very exciting and colourful parcel.

Meanwhile I've been busy creating things myself - meet Mrs. Flower and Mrs. Flower II...

Heehee :-) back to work tomorrow (groan) - have a good week all!!xx

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Felty fun

I've been experimenting with my new supplies of felt recently and I have decided that it is my favourite ever craft. It's just so versatile, comes in every colour under the sun, and is a dream to sew with!

I love it! :-)

I've subscribed to Quick & Crafty magazine as well - it covers all kinds of crafts and is a good source of inspiration. I found this lovely felt wrap-thing for holding things - I guess you could put pencils or make up brushes in it...

In other news, we had a super weekend mostly spent outside. We had various celebrations for Rick's birthday, and two barbeques! Hello to all my lovely friends if you are reading - and good luck to those with exams!

Bye for now! xx

Tuesday, 6 May 2008


I'm sooo happy.

I won a happy-tree disguised as a gnome!!

This might sound a bit confusing. But, take a look here... and all will become clear! I'm sooo proud. Flo is verrrry excited.

Meanwhile I've had a really bad cold the last few days so I've not felt like blogging. But I'm on the mend now. I just sound a bit croaky and have a VERY red nose.

On Sunday Rick and I went to a park in Manchester and hired a little boat to go out on the lake - it was really fun! There was also a little animal park there and some really cute little goats...

In crafty news, I've made a felt cushion this weekend...

It's Rick's birthday tomorrow so we're going out for tea :-) Happy Birthday my lovely xxx