Sunday, 15 March 2009


Since moving to our new flat, we still haven't got the internet up and running, so I am in the gym over the road this morning using their free internet connection. (Not doing any exercise, I hasten to add!)

So I just wanted to let my lovely readers know that normal service should be resumed in a week or two, when I plan to have a giveaway to celebrate 1. Spring and 2. The return of me being on the web!!

Recently I've been working on the following:

- Cute little scented hearts to go in drawers etc
- Acquiring many types of buttons (because I love them)
- Creating painted beads and painted wooden buttons
- Making multipacks of felt card-toppy things
- Tidying my new house!!



bohemianmama said...

Hi there, Just stumbled accross your blog (which is lovely btw) and notice that you have a link to my old blog in you blog list. Unfortunately that blog has been hijacked and I am no longer able to access it. If it's not too much trouble would you mind deleting the link as it has nothing to do with my original Roseberrycrafts blog but there are still active links to it all round craft blog land! Thanks for understanding,

bohemianmama said...

forgot to say my new craft blog is at