Sunday, 16 August 2009


I love making cupcakes.

I saw some delightful little cakes a few weeks ago in a magazine, and decided to have a go at it myself. And, pleasingly, it turns out that cake-icing is not all that different from making pretty things from felt!

I mean, obviously, there’s no sewing involved, and the cake itself is a lot tastier than the fluffy stuffing I use in my felt projects. However, it still involves pretty colours and Mrs. Flowers!

I (well, my mum) am now in the process of trying to get all the bits and bobs I need sorting in order to sell my little cupcakes at craft fairs and on my website. I’m so excited at all the cakey possibilities there are. Personalised, fruity, pastel, brights, fairies, footballs...

There’s a fair bit of research, information-gathering and experimenting to do before expanding my little business to include PeggyBakes. Do I need a new website? How do I package cupcakes safely enough to send them?

But I’m so excited!!!


Tip Top said...

And if you want any tasters - just shout!!!! I have two willing vounteers ready and waiting for you!!! But you might have to do more manly colours.......!

Beth said...

Did you make those?? They look amazing! See you soon xx

saraeden said...

Oh wow they look yummy , good luck with it all !!

Sara x

Yvonne said...

yay!!! Craft you can eat... the best of both worlds! they look delicious.. almost too good to eat!!
Hope it goes well xxx