Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Hello everyone

Hi everyone

I haven't been around in blogland much over the last couple of months but I've been popping in to read other crafty blogs now and again to see how everyone's doing.

Unfortunately I wasn't so well at the end of last year, I had a lot of anxiety having lost my dad earlier in the year. I had a bit of time off and concentrated on me-time and feeling tons better now. I'm back at work and feeling a bit like an outsider but on the whole it's been good coming back and getting into the swing of things!

I'm also going to spend more time just enjoying my crafting this year. I'll see how it goes as time goes on but would like to expand my little business and maybe concentrate on it as more of a full time thing.

Hope everyone's well

Helen xx


Pink Feather Paradise said...

We all definitely need "me time" and I am glad you are feeling a little chirpier... spending more time crafting sounds fantastic I think I'll join you! lol ;D

X Alex

Richard said...

like your cute

I am looking into running a monthly craft fair in Hull as a fellow crafter I thought you might like to know,check out our blog at http//:

Bye for now Gillian.