Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Nice day

I've had a nice day today. :-) Work was good - we're really busy at the moment, but it was a productive day all round. It's been quite sunny here in Manchester too - so I think everyone was extra chirpy! Plus, I have started a new Jill Mansell book called 'Thinking of You' - I love her books as they're always so happy and you can really get to know the characters.

This evening I've been making some felty pressies for my friends at work - I'm going to give them to them tomorrow. :-) I love them! I have taken some pictures which I will put up soon, since I'm having computer troubles!

My mum and dad came over yesterday to visit and brought casper with them. It was really nice. He's getting a bit old and doesn't really know which paw is which so he has trouble with stairs, and since I live on the third floor this was a bit tricky! Luckily I enticed him with some light & tasty dog snacks.

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paper-and-string said...

your gnome naming skills won you a prize! hooray!