Monday, 21 April 2008

Feeling crafty

To the right is a section of a picture which I did for my mum a few years ago. It's actually a little house which belongs to a lock-keeper in a small village in Berkshire.

I'm going to start uploading more pictures soon-promise! At the moment, I'm just trying to get very very organised. I've spent a long time doing research on crafty projects & chatting with all of my new found friends on the crafts forum and now I'm at the organising stage. I've been buying supplies, some off the internet from a lovely felt provider (so pretty!) , some from hobbycraft, and even B&Q!

The next stage is to get organised. This is actually quite good, as I like to tidy! I've been organising all my bits into storage, working out what I still need and already have. I've also been going through old boxes of things and throwing useless bits away, and saving pretty things which can be used again!

And soon I'm just going to start creating. Yey! :o)

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