Monday, 28 July 2008

Website working!!! :)

YEY! My website troubles are now long gone and is up and running! I have a LOT of work to do on it yet so you'll be seeing lots of 'under construction' signs in the next few months, but I have lots of plans for it and I'm really excited. Please keep checking back for developments!!

Had a nice day at work today, not too frantic and some of my friends had returned from their holidays so it was nice to catch up, although I was jealous of the suntans! I'm going to stay in and watch some tv tonight, and get on with some sewing- I have got a sewing to do list going on!

It's my bro's birthday tomorrow so we're all going out for a meal in chiquitos - really looking forward to it and have got him a super pressie!!

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ClaireP said...

Hi Helen!

I’m making a start on getting organized (as my organizational skills are rubbish!) with swap partner details for the robot swap.

Please can you email me the following:

Blog details (if you have one!):

Thanks! I’m starting to get a little over-excited and robot obsessed!