Sunday, 15 February 2009


No photos today I'm afraid (it's dark already!) but just wanted to put a quick post to say that I had a fabulous valentines weekend! - I hope you all did too! We spent a lovely weekend in a town near Blackpool, and when we went to the Pleasure Beach I even went on the Big One! It was awesome - we could see right out over the sea and down the promenade .. that is until we dropped about a million feet at 300mph (or something like that!)

I received lots of lovely pressies from Rick as well including a tub of my fave body butter from the body shop and some choccies and a red rose. :)

In crafty news, my new Pick'n'Mix button page is coming along nicely ...

I just need to add the piccies!

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Lazy Daisy Glass said...

Sounds like you were spoilt, but you much have deserved it! Well, the Bog One eh, you are brave, just the thought of it makes me feel sick (not good with heights). Glad you enjoyed your weekend - I have chocolates too - yummmm