Saturday, 25 April 2009

April Competition Time!

Hi everyone!

Time to start a little giveaway.

To celebrate the start of spring, I'll be giving away one set of PeggyCrafts prizes to someone who leaves me a nice comment on here. All you have to do to enter is...

1. Tell me which is your favourite peggycrafts product (you can find them all here)

2. Give me an idea for a new creature to be made into a lovable peggycrafts item. I have been working on new keyrings and brooches recently, and would love to have some more characters to add to the range. So, if you fancy a felt kitten, felty rainbow, or anything that could be cute, let me know about it!

The winner will receive a big parcel of goodies, possibly including:

Buttons, Plant Decoration and Mrs. Flower! - amongst other things, plus a prototype of your suggestion (if do-able!)

I'll close it on 4th May. You can enter several times if you have lots of ideas! Please join in wherever you are, worldwide postage is no problem :)

Good luck!


Staceyjlew said...

Had a look at your website and there are some lovely things on there and some new ones since I last looked. I love your scented hearts, and might be looking to make some Christmas purchases from yourself!

I also think a lovely felted butterfly would be sooo cute :)


RocketGirl said...

Ooohhhh so cute!!! My favourite is the caterpillar plant decoration....reminds me of 'the hungry caterpillar book I had when I was young :)

How about a little felty mouse with some felty holey cheese? That woudl be cute!!!


RocketGirl said...

...and maybe a stripey felty tiger and a felty smiley cloud :)

Audrey said...

I really love these!!

They are really cute!

Shelley said...

What a lovely giveaway!

My faves are definately the little caterpillar plant decs! I have hand sewn decs in all my plant pots, they just cheer me up!

I'd love to see rainbow keyrings. I've tried a few times to make them but I never like the end result, I think any you make with the Mrs Flower faces would be too cute xx

Annika said...

felt zigzag reminds me of summer here in the philippines because of the colors, this is my favorite sooo lovely.

tna a lot!

Annika said...

i have a suggestion, why not try making a pouch for calling card, that will be great for your materials and a bookmark using felt materials.
hoping to view that soon!!!

tnx a lot!!

Nicola said...

Love the pink spotty felted heart.
I adore hanging these sorts of things on door knobs and in my wardrobe :).

How about a variation on a theme - use those stunning felted flowers of yours but make them in the scented variety.
Nic x

Scubabe said...

Just looked at your website for the 1st time, you sell such lovely things. I love the plant decorations, such a wonderful idea.

How about Mr Watering Can or Mr Worm to keep Mrs Flower company.

Jackie said...

My favourites are the scented hanging hearts, but everything is lovely. How about a little felty rabbit to add to your collection:O)

The Dotty One said...

Wow - such a lovely giveaway - thank you! I think my favorite is the tote with the cloud on and I also love the three scoop ice cream cone.
In terms of ideas I think a strawberry would be cool. And also a stiletto brooch. And a gingerbread man would be cute - but probably the wrong time of year! Ooooh and cherries with little faces on each cherry. Too many ideas - i'll probably be back later with more!!

Stitcher said...

Just discovered your website, and I'd love to be included.

My favourite thing is the cute heart keyrings.

How about your new creature is a bee, or a little hive with a bee on it.

Stitcher said...

Just had another thought, how about a little green frog, there's lots of frog collectors out there.

Gemma said...

Hi, i've just joined today. Everything on your website is so nice but i love the scented hearts.

What about felted fairy cakes/cupcakes?

Gemma x

Helen said...

I have no idea for a suggestion for the new creature just wanted to say love your work :o)

Anonymous said...

hi, I like the Mrs. Flowers. How about some Mrs. Flowers bunting or a cute robot? Kate x

JanJ said...

Hiya, lovely to find your blog - I love, love, love your buttons, especially the green covered ones with the Amy Butler fabric - just gorgeous.


Jan (AutumnFaerie on CF) xx

Pixie Doodle said...

I love your MRS Flowers- adorable! A floer family would be great! Mr and the Junior Flowers lol!
Love Pixie x

cardsepecially4you said...

I love mrs flower.I love all the pastel colours. I thought perhaps a little teddy and to make little change purses. Always in your hand bag,always have some change

Jacqui said...

Just love Mrs Flowers. I thought a Teddy would be good. I also thought a purse for change, just for your handbag 'always have some change'

Anonymous said...

Oh blimey, what a question! How could I possibly pick just one item. I love everything in your shop! I love buttons. The spotty buttons are my favourite, the gingham and the coloured buttons and coloured flower buttons. For a prototype and as it is Spring, I'd love to see a little lamb like my woollywotnots logo! :-) I love your flower make kit too. So cute!

dctm said...

The Stripy Tote Bag is my favorite item
Also, I really like the little caterpillar plant decoration

dctm at bellsouth dot net

Tip Top said...

Hehehehe! Mine has to be the coverd fabric buttons as I use them on my cards! New idea? Well, what about a Mrs Flower as a little plant stake - you know them label things you put in pots so you know what they are!!

Miss Crafty said...

I love the autumn pastels fabric covered buttons. I could think of so many things I'd love to use them for.

As for creatures, I've been on a snail bent lately and would love to see one, perhaps with a house on his back instead of a shell?

FunkyJunkJewellery said...

I am in love love love with the jewellery bags (obviously, being a jewellery maker!!) and the button bags, being a massive button fan!!

I think a cute set of Sun, Moon and Stars would be sweet in felt... ooh and maybe lightning? Or sold separately - not as a set!!

Loving your work.

Lindsay (FunkyJunkJewellery) xx