Tuesday, 6 May 2008


I'm sooo happy.

I won a happy-tree disguised as a gnome!!

This might sound a bit confusing. But, take a look here... http://www.paper-and-string.blogspot.com/ and all will become clear! I'm sooo proud. Flo is verrrry excited.

Meanwhile I've had a really bad cold the last few days so I've not felt like blogging. But I'm on the mend now. I just sound a bit croaky and have a VERY red nose.

On Sunday Rick and I went to a park in Manchester and hired a little boat to go out on the lake - it was really fun! There was also a little animal park there and some really cute little goats...

In crafty news, I've made a felt cushion this weekend...

It's Rick's birthday tomorrow so we're going out for tea :-) Happy Birthday my lovely xxx

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paper-and-string said...

please can you email your address so I can send your prize :-)
it's sarah {at} paper-and-string.co.uk
Thank you....I hope you're feeling better now :-)