Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Felty fun

I've been experimenting with my new supplies of felt recently and I have decided that it is my favourite ever craft. It's just so versatile, comes in every colour under the sun, and is a dream to sew with!

I love it! :-)

I've subscribed to Quick & Crafty magazine as well - it covers all kinds of crafts and is a good source of inspiration. I found this lovely felt wrap-thing for holding things - I guess you could put pencils or make up brushes in it...

In other news, we had a super weekend mostly spent outside. We had various celebrations for Rick's birthday, and two barbeques! Hello to all my lovely friends if you are reading - and good luck to those with exams!

Bye for now! xx


chat reveur said...

helloooooo :D

love the crafty creations!

peggyprints said...

Thank you!xx