Sunday, 3 August 2008

Mrs. Flowers are everywhere

I'm having a really relaxing day today which is much needed after a busy week at work and a late night yesterday - went to a wedding of an old friend which was lovely and the bride and groom looked very happy. :) ahhh.

I've also been informed by Claire that I'm going to be in a robot swap!! Yey! I've never done a crafty swap before and I didn't know how to go about joining one, but Claire has become one of my favourite crafters so as I was busy checking out new creations on her blog, I found out how to sign up - yey! I'm not too sure how my robot design will turn out yet, but I'm very excited!

Meanwhile, Mrs. Flowers have been getting up to all kinds. I've been very excited to learn about a new shop which is opening soon who will be stocking my Mrs. Flowers - and shortly they will be available to buy on my very own website which is coming along nicely!!

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