Sunday, 10 August 2008


I had a very stressful time this morning trying to get to a craft fair / general market type place in the city centre. I found it ok (thanks to Rick's trusty sat-nav) but when I got there, it was £3 to park. But oh poo! I only had £1.50 with me, and as it was in the middle of nowhere, I had no idea how to get to a cash point! :( I thought about parking on a nearby street, but there was some slightly scary-looking 'travelling folk' nearby and I was too worried about leaving Flo.

Anyhoo, in crafty news, everything is going nicely to plan for my website launch next month. I've been busy sewing, sticking, purchasing things from hobbycraft and organising my website. Not long to go now - I'm aiming for 1st October. :)

Well I'm just about over this morning's chaos now so I'm going to have a cup of tea and get on with making some more felty goodness.

Have a lovely day everyone

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