Tuesday, 26 August 2008

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Sorry, I couldn't think of a very interesting title!

Had a good-ish day at work today...good because we had a good laugh and it was nice to start the week on a Tuesday...ish because I feel a bit as though I have reached a natural end with my day job. It's exciting times for me at the moment though, especially with PeggyCrafts, and also because I am soon to be starting some voluntary work in a primary school which I'm really looking forward to. So, plenty of things for me to look forward to!!

Nipped into town after work today with the main aim of getting my new specs adjusted. But I accidentally found myself going into a fabric shop! I just don't know how it happened!! :-) Only spent a tiny little bit though, and bought a few new sheets of felt!

Really looking forward to Friday next week when my site will be open to the public :) I'd better go now and get to work on some of the Pot Plant Decorations I'm going to be selling..like Mrs. Bee (below!)

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saraeden said...

Hiya , sorry i didnt get back to you about the blog !!!
All i need is the email address you blog with and then i can send you an invite .... you can find my email address in my profile !!
I hope the website is going well and please feel free to put a bit about yourself and your new website on the NB blog !!

Sara x