Sunday, 8 June 2008

Freeeeeeeeeebie winner and weekend catch up

Hello folks,

Well I am very excited to announce the name of my first freebie winner... (drum roll please) it is...


I was flummoxed as to how to pick so I gave each comment a number and then the first footballer number which came on the tv was the winner! Hoorah for some random German football player! (Got to make the most of all the footy on tv)

Please can you send me your address, craftyjan, and I'll post your parcel out :)

I've been busy felting today, partly making the above pressie and partly starting to prepare for the craft fair in October. Yes it's ages away, but it's good to be ready! I might try to sign up for another one around the same time, as well. I haven't taken any pictures today, but I will do soon.

I have been sitting outside in the sun today as well - until it got too hot! Yes that's right, too hot! (I have very fair skin, you see). Rick and I went to collect our holiday tickets from the travel agents yesterday - only a week and 6 days til we go :-) I'm sooo excited. I'll put up LOTS of pics when I get back!!

Back to work tomorrow and it's going to be busy..have got my coffee supplies at the ready!

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