Sunday, 15 June 2008


This week at work our office was relocated, which meant packing up everything and moving to another building just over the road! Our new office is quite nice and I am now sharing an office with some of my favourite people at work :)

We're also moving house tomorrow so I've spent most of my weekend packing, dusting, moving, shifting and tidying - and a lot of sneezing! Most of my things are in bags now so it's just a question of moving (our new flat is very close by so that's good!)

Congratulations to my friend Z who passed his medical finals this week - yey Z!

And in very happy news - my mum's coming over to visit today! Even better, we're going shopping!! Holiday on Saturday - only 6 days to go! Yippeee!

In crafty news, I've started building my new website which will be up and running in late summer. It's taking me a while to get used to the new programme, but I'm getting there. Meanwhile I've been creating a whole family of Mrs. Flowers ... they've been busy posing too...


Tip Top said...

They are so cute - get them on Cuteable!!

PeggyCrafts said...

Yey! Thank u! How do I do that? I love cuteable!! :)