Monday, 2 June 2008

So much to doooo

Hello everyone

I am finding that I keep thinking of more and more things I should be doing in the name of PeggyCrafts and it's hard trying to fit everything in! Tonight I'm going to be updating my blog, creating letterheaded paper, and hopefully doing some more sewing if I get the chance. I received some compliments on my homemade felt phone case today so I might make some more of those.

I've also learned that I have a stall at a craft fair in Greater Manchester in October so although it's a while away, I intend to start making things soon! :-)

I've got the day off work tomorrow, so I'm going to do some tidying, some crafting and some shopping!! Only two weeks til we go on holiday now :)))) yey! Need to pick up some suncream and some summery clothes. I forget if we've mentioned before, but we're going to Florida. Yey!

Oh yes and most importantly I am having a mini giveaway to celebrate posting 100 messages on the craft forum. Please leave a comment on my blog or on the forum by Friday and I'll send a celebration pressie out to a name drawn from the hat at the weekend. :-)
I don't have any new crafty pics so I'll put on this pic of some fireworks instead!


craftyjan said...

just thought id leave a comment on your blog to congratulate you on being so chatty on the craft forum im getting close to a 1000 so and only been a member since march please enter me into your draw

Tip Top said...

Good luck with the name change and a big congratulation on the 100th milestone!! Wait until you get to 1,000!! Or 3,000!!!

And see you in October at Ordsall Hall!

ClaireP said...

well done! 100 isn't bad going!!!! I have on and off days when I go on the forums depending on how much sewing I have to do! :)