Sunday, 12 October 2008

One down, two to go

I had the first of 3 craft fairs today at Ordsall Hall in Manchester and it went surprisingly well!! I'm very pleased to say! I made a nice profit (not going to put me in a new tax bracket, but it may cover a few small purchases in hobbycraft) which I was really pleased about, and received many nice compliments about my things. :) Hooray. My mum came along too which was great - thanks mum! :)

I also got to meet two lovely people from - Ruth from Tip Top Toppers and Susie from SusieQ cards - was great meeting u both :)

I've got a stack of crafting and other jobs to do this week but I think I'll make a start on that in the morning!

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Tip Top said...

And was lovely meeting you and your mum too!!!! Glad you did well - mine was not as good as last year (but did very very very very well last year!) but still good.

Good luck with the next 2 and get some pics of your stall next time your readers want to see it!!