Thursday, 4 September 2008

Finishing Touches!!

I'm spending this evening finalising my website and adding pictures. It feels as though I've been picture-taking, uploading, tweaking and typing forever now - I really admire crafters who have huge ranges of things on their sites!

Anyway, it's been a massive learning experience for me to design and build a website, so I'm quite proud of myself. I just hope that people will tootle along and have a look at my things and leave me comments.

I'm not charging postage for this first weekend (Friday 5 - Sunday 7) as it is my grand opening (!!!) so I want as many people as possible to stop by and grab a Mrs. Flower or two!!

Wish me luck everyone :)

Helen xx

1 comment:

saraeden said...

Your website looks great , well done you !! I hope you have lots of sales !!

Sara x

p.s i have sent you an invite to the belles i hope you have got it ok ;0)