Friday, 26 September 2008

Friday feeling

I'm sooo glad it's Friday evening - it's been crazy busy at work this week and I really need a rest! I'm going to visit my mum tomorrow and we're doing a spot of shopping and coffee drinking in town :), then I'm going to not one but two housewarming parties tomorrow night! yey!

I've also been doing some evening jobs this week as well, as I am also a teacher, so that has been keeping me really busy - it feels like such a novelty to be in the house in the evening!!

This is a pic of my doggie who's had a doggie operation this week - luckily he's recovering well!

Have just been reading my virtual friend Claire's blog and I think I feel the same about losing the crafting mojo. :( I just don't know what it is, but I am going through a phase where I don't feel motivated to make anything. It's probably because I haven't had much spare time recently, but I sometimes worry that people don't like my creations...although my logical side tells me I'm probably being silly! Poooo.... I'm looking forward to the craft fair on 12th October and I have a week off work the week before hand to prepare - that should sort me out!! :)

Does anyone else go through phases like this??!


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